Other CIHR KT funding opportunities

When it becomes evident that your project is yielding results that justify further dissemination and uptake further down the road, there may be other supplementary KT grants that you can apply for. Previous KT funding grants from CIHR include:

  • Planning Grant ($25,000)
    • e.g. Meeting with experts/end-users to identify important questions in preparation of a grant
  • Dissemination Event ($25,000)
    • e.g. Hosting a conference
  • Other KT Funding Opportunities
    • KT Synthesis ($100,000)
  • Knowledge to Action operating grant
    • Integrated KT approach ($100,000 for each of 2 years)
  • Partnerships for Health Improvement
    • Integrated KT approach
    • CIHR ($350,000), 30% must come from partner
  • KT Supplement ($100,000)
    • Activities to translate research of prior peer-reviewed grant
    • Example: RCT of resistance training on cognitive and brain function Youtube videos to fund the cost of the focus group as well as the video production costs.

To view current CIHR funding opportunities click here.

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