Budgeting for DKT in Grants

Under-budgeting for DKT activities can be a common problem in research grant applications. Adequate but reasonable amounts need to be requested to ensure that the DKT activities that are proposed, such as honoraria for non-research collaborators, knowledge broker salary/fees, and development and maintenance of websites can be delivered.

To determine whether or not proposed DKT strategies can be implemented, grant applications will be assessed on whether the stated budget for KT activities matches the scope of the proposed KT strategy, and whether it is feasible and convincingly justified (Li, 2011; Ross et al.,2007).

Things to consider when budgeting for DKT strategies and activities:

  • Does the budget match the scope of your DKT strategy?
  • Is it feasible?
  • Is it justified?
  • If applicable, are other levels of in-kind support (internal or external to the organization) reflected in the budget?

Dedicated DKT item lines should be included in your project budget. Depending on your DKT strategy, budget item considerations may include:

  • Human Resources: What personnel will be involved in the DKT part of your project? Are they internal staff, external partners, or contractors?  For example, will you need to hire the services of a knowledge broker, KT specialist, graphic artist, public relations expert, evaluation expert or plain text writer?
  • Implementation / program planning: What DKT methods and evaluation strategies will you employ e.g. interviews, focus groups, workshop delivery, guide development, surveys?
  • Dissemination / conference: Are travel & accommodation expenses required for meetings, networking, conferences or educational purposes?
  • Technology enabled transfer: what electronic equipment will be used to deliver and evaluate your DKT strategy (e.g. website development and updates, blogs, podcasts, wikis, video-conferencing, electronic surveys, video production, webinar services)?
  • Public outreach strategy: will you employ any public outreach strategies (e.g. patient brochures, press releases, public relations, newsletters, forum presentations)?
  • Administration: Have you accounted for all of the administrative costs associated with your DKT strategy (e.g. teleconference costs, printing and mailing costs of patient brochures or flyers, publication costs, venue booking costs, catering costs, reimbursement for partners (e.g. time, parking, travel) etc.?

Adapted from: Barwick, Melanie (2011) Scientist Knowledge Translation Plan Template.  Downloadable from: http://www.melaniebarwick.com/training.php

Budget Justifications for DKT

Personnel and direct research costs are all legitimate expenses for your grant proposal.  It is important that you consider budgeting for a realistic time effort for each person on the team who has direct KT responsibilities on the project.  The costs for web and hard copy dissemination, focus groups, venues, meals and other direct research costs are all examples of direct legitimate research costs.

Q&A with an Expert 

Dr. Elana Brief from the National Core for Neuroethics at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Indigenous Perspectives of Early Onset Familial Alzheimer’s Disease project.

Q: How have you budgeted for DKT activities in your grant proposal?

A: Given that knowledge translation and exchange underpin this research, we have budgeted for these activities implicitly and explicitly. Our budget includes funds to hire community members as collaborators, funds for researchers to travel to the communities where the research is conducted, funds for honoraria for participants to recognize that they are sharing valuable knowledge with us, and funds for an eventual publication that can be used by the First Nation.

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